Alexander Semin Quotes (3/5/13)

Hurricanes winger Alexander Semin spoke in Russian to Sovietsky Sport’s Dmitry Manakhov following last night’s game. Dmitry has provided us with an English translation for the quotes. If you choose to use these, please credit Dmitry Manakhov with Sovietsky Sport.

Dmitry Manakhov: Could you talk about your arrival? You moved from a capital city to a rather provincial town?

Alexander Semin: It wasn’t a problem for me. It is not my first year in the NHL. Besides, they have everything I need here for living, social life. It’s really the same. Washington is a bit bigger, Raleigh is a bit smaller, but the shops and the restaurants are the same. My girlfriend found Russian stores in the area. We are settled and my mom will come to visit soon.

DM: How did the team greet you?

AS: I might have felt a little nervous the very first day, but then all the guys were very supportive and I haven’t had problems since. I like it here. All the guys are good. The team is great and the coaching staff is awesome.

DM: Your line is one of the best in the NHL.

AS: Yes, it’s good and we’ll continue to keep up the good work.

DM: Can you talk about the chemistry with Eric Staal and Jiri Tlusty?

AS: It seems to work now. Of course we want even more, and I think that time will come. It’s more important that the team wins and we are getting points (as a team) and it is less important who’s scoring.

DM: Do you feel at home in Carolina? You are already playing your best hockey here and the fans love you?

AS: As for the future, let’s finish this season and play great hockey. It always feels great when fans acknowledge you. Their support brings positive emotions, adrenaline rush and helps to move forward.

DM: Is fishing really your biggest hobby?

AS: Yes. Before I moved to the U.S., my dad and I would spend almost every day fishing. I don’t have much time now and the weather wasn’t cooperating so far, but it’d be nice to find a day and spend it on the water again.


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