TO:          Sports Editors/Sports Directors/Photo Editors

FROM:    Mike Sundheim, Senior Director of Communications

Kyle Hanlin, Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting

RE:          2012-13 Carolina Hurricanes Media Credentials

DATE:      August 7, 2012


The Carolina Hurricanes are now accepting requests for full-season credentials for the 2012-13 season.

In order to formally request full-season media/photo credentials, please fill out a copy of the 2012-13 Credential Request Form for each individual request. It is extremely important to complete the application in its entirety, including name, work address, work phone number, home address, cell phone number and e-mail address of every applicant. We use these forms to compile our media distribution lists for release emails and news conference information. Please specify on the form whether the request is for a media pass or a photo pass. Television stations should apply for photo credentials, primarily because of building point-of-entry.

Also, please note that due to security concerns, we no longer issue generic “reporter” or “photographer” passes. If you do not have the specific name for the reporter or photographer who will be representing your outlet with a season pass, please wait until you know that name to apply for the credential.

Request forms can be emailed to Mike Sundheim, or faxed to Mike’s attention at (919) 462-0123. Requests for full-season passes must received by Aug. 31. No full-season credential requests will be accepted after that date.

Full-season credentials will only be issued to members of the media who will spend a significant amount of time covering the team (more than half the home games). Others can receive single-game credentials as requested by sports editors/sports directors/photo editors. Please remember that the Hurricanes press box is a working press box. Family members of the media are not allowed in the press box and will never be issued any type of credential.

Full-season credentials will begin to be issued the night of Hurricanes’ pre-season home opener on Sept. 28.

2012-13 Credential Request Form

The Media Relations department of the Carolina Hurricanes

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